Dear Pitch2Pub Agents,

I am pleased to have this opportunity to submit NATASHA’S WAR. This YA historical fiction transports you to World War II Russia and in a way never before done in an American book. It draws from first-person accounts from two dozen of the nearly one million Russian girls who served in World War II combat; Natasha’s story is told from their distinctively Soviet point of view.

A summons to report to the front as a battlefield medic hurls sixteen-year-old Natasha into her country’s desperate fight against brutal Nazi invaders bent on exterminating the nation and its people. She comes of age in cruel and tragic circumstances, transforming from lighthearted schoolgirl into hardened soldier. Through Natasha’s eyes, we see the human dimension of war: her courage in the face of danger, physical challenges, coping with trauma and loss, camaraderie. Natasha treats the wounded while under fire herself, lives outdoors in harsh conditions, makes agonizing decisions about who lives and who dies, struggles with faith in God, shows humanity amidst inhumanity. She fights an internal war as she fights her country’s war; if she is to succeed at defending her Motherland, she must keep vigorous her mind and spirit, as well as her body, in this maelstrom.

NATASHA’S WAR, a 70,000-word story of extraordinary inner strength, would appeal to teen girls touched by Natasha’s heartbreaking situation, who wonder whether they could do what Natasha did, who read the books about strong 1940s girls by Ruta Sepetys and Elizabeth Wein. A recent New York Times article talks about a renaissance of World War II historical fiction books for teens.

I am a professional in the writing/editing/public relations field and an SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) member in an active critique group. Because of my intensive professional work and close personal acquaintance with Russians, a specialty of mine is illuminating for Americans 20th-century and contemporary Soviet/Russian life. In addition to NATASHA’S WAR, I have written a companion nonfiction book about the real girls on whom Natasha is based.

Thanks so much for offering your services in this extraordinary event.