Dear Agents,

Thank you for participating in Pitch to Publication 2016.

Princess Themis of the Skyborn was destined to be queen of a cloud nation built by scientists, artists, and long-forgotten magic. Instead, she’s a widow in exile for the murder of her husband, burying the killers her younger sister, Queen Rhea, keeps sending to the world below as reminders she’s no longer welcome in Stratosphere.

An assassin saves Themis from the most recent messenger, and in return, he asks her to come home. He can prove her innocence, and he has transport. The assassin insists on traveling in secret, but Themis is convinced that as long as she doesn’t want the throne, Rhea will let her live. All Themis wants is to return to Stratosphere and live out her days in peace. When the pair are captured by Rhea’s guards, and the assassin’s dark secret is revealed, it throws doubt on everything Themis understood to be true.

Despite the mounting evidence against Rhea, Themis refuses to acknowledge that her sister is the monster everyone claims. Hope that Rhea is redeemable, paired with Themis’s fear of death, ensure she plays along with Rhea’s power games. When Themis witnesses Rhea’s tyranny first-hand, she confronts her sister. In this moment, seeing the coldness with which Rhea rules, Themis breaks out of her mental prison of cowardice. Recognizing her sister has reached a place of no turning back, Themis must reclaim her throne. If she can’t, everyone Themis loves is in danger, including Stratosphere itself.

Cain and Abel meet Hamlet in BREAKING THE CHALICE, an adult alternate world fantasy novel complete at 91,000 words. It is a standalone novel with series potential.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Writing from the University of Michigan-Flint. I am a corporate writer for the Medicare division of an insurance company. I won an editing opportunity in Pitch to Publication October 2016.

Thank you for taking the time to read my passion project. I hope it strikes a chord in you as it has me.