Seventeen-year-old Alana Steward has a keen artist’s eye that helps her catch details many people miss—like the bejeweled pirate’s dagger nestled deep beneath the hay after she scares away two intruders in her family’s stable.

Alana’s father knows more about the knife than he lets on and ships Alana off to Ireland, her deceased mother’s homeland, in the protection of old family friends. Upon arrival, they take her to explore the historic Hill of Tara where Alana’s heirloom amulet tingles and draws her to touch the long-silent coronation stone of the High Kings. A thunderous roar unleashes her mother’s spirit and a jumble of kingly visions.

But ancient ghosts are not the only ones tracking Alana. When pirates attempt to abduct her and steal her amulet, she realizes her mother and the bygone kings aren’t haunting her—they’re helping her. The pirates seek a mythical treasure, the Book of Days, which only she—and her amulet—can unlock. Led by spirits, and using her knowledge of Celtic lore, she must find the Book of Days before the pirates write upon its pages and alter history to enslave mankind.

BOOK OF DAYS, complete at 91,000 words, is a YA historical fantasy set in the year 1532. The story is told from three alternating points of view, including Alana, Braeden—her childhood friend and unwitting bodyguard—and Kean, the ambitious pirate lackey tasked with hunting her down.

I am a graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in International Relations. Having lived abroad in Europe and Latin America for fifteen years, I have developed a love for new and different perspectives. I’m especially drawn to the history and folklore of the places I’ve been and delight in weaving them into magical plots. 

Thank you for your consideration.