Pitch to Publication 2017 (#p2p17)



Pitch to Publication is for writers with FULLY COMPLETED manuscripts, who are ready to achieve the next level of literary wholeness. Authors will submit a query and 5 pages of their draft manuscript to one of our highly sought-after freelance editors. Each editor will select one (and sometimes two!) authors to work with for 5 weeks of intensive manuscript development. Your editor will help prepare you and your work for our agent round on May 22nd!

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The contest will be held right here on our Pitch to Publication website, http://pitch2pub.com/.


We use a submission process from our home page here at pitch2pub.com. You’ll click a button that will open an easy-to-use form. You’ll be prompted to copy & paste your query letter into one field, upload your sample pages into another field, and fill out a little information about yourself. It’s that simple!

BEFORE OUR April 7th SUBMISSION DATE, make sure to peruse our list of participating editors and choose your list of favorites.

Editors will be announced between March 13th-20th. 

Authors can submit to 5 editors, but we are asking you to select a 6th choice in case one of your selections “caps out” before your submission is processed. Editors can only receive 100 queries.


  • Your query letter. Make sure it includes your name, word count, hook, mini synopsis/blurb, and author bio. Take your time preparing your hook and mini synopsis/blurb.  

What is a Hook? It's a concise, one-sentence tagline for your book.

What is a mini synopsis/blurb? This is where you get to distill your entire 300 page novel into three paragraphs. I don't want to know the ending, but I want to WANT to know the ending ;) See what I'm saying?

Here is an example! QUERY LETTER 

We will also need:

  • The first five pages of your manuscript. Pages must be double spaced. Use a 12pt Times New Roman (or similar) font. Save as a .doc, .docx, or PDF. NO TXT FILES.

  • The answers to the following questions ready to copy and paste into the appropriate fields.

  • Q. What influenced your passion for writing?

  • Q. How do you feel about the art of revision?

  • Q. What experience do you have with receiving feedback about your work from editors, beta readers, etc?

  • Q. What do you do for fun that does not deal with the literary scene?


April 7th:

Writers will have a 4 day/96 hours window to submit their entries, starting at noon EST.

April 17th:

Author-Editor pairs announced, Author-Editor teams begin editing process.

May 19th:

Editing round ENDS, and authors submit revised queries & excerpts for the agent round.

(Queries and excerpts will be available to agents via the pitch2pub website.)

May 22nd:

Agent round begins.

May 26th

Requests for fulls will be announced on Twitter.

That's it. What are you waiting for? Go get those submissions ready!


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