#P2P16 Query Format

#p2p16 Your query letter

There has been some confusion with what exactly goes into the Pitch to Publication query. So, to avoid any further uncertainty I will post an example. I will also post a snapshot of what part of the submittable form looks like to give you an idea of what to expect. Any further questions please contact me via Twitter: https://twitter.com/FountainWriter, or in the comments below. 

Your query letter

Make sure it includes your name, word count, hook, mini synopsis/blurb, and author bio. Take your time preparing your hook and mini synopsis/blurb.  

What is a Hook? It's A concise, one-sentence tagline for your book.

What is a mini synopsis/blurb? This is where you get to distill your entire 300 page novel into three paragraphs. I don't want to know the ending, but I want to WANT to know the ending ;) See what I'm saying?

Author: Samantha Fountain

Word Count: 93,000

Genre: Paranormal/Romance

THE LOVELY BONES meets IF I STAY when a psychic teen reveals a hometown tragedy by connecting to the missing.

Seventeen-year-old Charlotte Kane is a psychic, but that doesn’t mean she likes creepy churches and ghosts who don’t respect her personal space. That's why, when she investigates an abandoned church in hopes of collecting paranormal evidence, she’s alarmed to discover a dark entity waiting for her in the rubble. She hightails it out of there with an evil demon who has attached itself to her.

Charlotte has no idea how to deal with the demon. Luckily aid comes from the tender and oh-so-hot Graham, a boy whose family owns a paranormal equipment store. With the help of Graham and her younger, supernatural-obsessed brother, Charlotte maneuvers through the process of eradicating the demon. But the malicious entity has plans of its own.

As Charlotte's spirit weakens further, a missing person's case overtakes the town. While the students at school speculate about the disappearance, Charlotte knows the truth: the girl, Ava, isn't just missing…she’s dead. Her soul is trapped on earth, and to complicate matters further, Charlotte is the only one who can help her. Time is running out, and the demonic attacks are escalating leaving Charlotte grasping for answers. To free Ava's spirit, Charlotte must unearth the secrets behind the girls grizzly death...but she must also deal with a demon that will stop at nothing as it attempts to harvest Charlotte’s magic from within.

I created Pitch2Pub.com, a website dedicated to connecting the writing world. I'm also a literary agent in training at Corvisiero Literary Agency. My life takes place in a small river town in Wisconsin with my husband, five-year-old boy, and our dog Rhetta. I spend my days exploring life with my family, mostly with our fishing rods, and writing.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to consider my work. I look forward to hearing from you.


Samantha Fountain