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Stephanie always had a story in her head and dreamed of becoming an author. In 2007, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and Language Arts from Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, OH. 

Stephanie spent her time after graduation writing blog posts, journals, and advertisements until focusing fully on novels of her own. To this day, she has written four YA novels: two in THE DREAM SEEKERS series and two in THE BLOOD PIRATE series. (She signed with her wonderful agent in May!) 

Critiquing for other writers sparked an even greater love for reading and unearthed Stephanie’s passion for editing and developing novels. And that’s how Stephanie Editing was born, because she wanted to do that all the time. In addition to freelance editing, she’s an editorial intern for Entangled Publishing. 

Stephanie loves getting to know authors and seeing the amazing worlds they’ve created. It is her goal to collaborate with authors to make their work even stronger, putting them one step closer to achieving their dreams of publication.  

Away from her keyboard, she’s the coffee-infused mother of two preschoolers who keep her laughing all day long. She gets way too excited over food and loves getting lost in a Netflix marathon. Organizing calms her down, and rainy days cheer her up.

MOST IMPORTANTLY What kind of entries are you looking for in your Pitch to Publication query box?
  • -MG and YA only.

    -Give me your creative retellings or the before/after of a well-known tale. 

    -I have a soft spot for historical, especially if the characters really play up the time period.

    -Send me all the humor and quirky characters you have! (Bonus points for sarcasm!)

    -I’m obsessed with antiheroes…

    -I love dark twists and gothic/haunting settings. (But no horror, please. I frighten easily.)

    -Contemporary, fantasy, and light sci-fi are all fine and dandy. 

    -I’d love to read about music: dancing, bands, singers, musicals, etc. 

    -Strong characters will always sell me on a book. Make me fall in love!

    -When in doubt, just ask! @saeding on Twitter.

What is your writing and editing background?

In the writing department, I have written four complete YA novels with a few new ones in the works. (I signed with my awesome agent in May! Woot!) As for editing, I have been freelancing for one year and joined Entangled as an editorial intern in April. 

What are your major editing accomplishments?

Hearing my clients get requests or share their excitement over how their writing/story has changed and grown is my favorite part of the job. 

Do you have a general philosophy for how you approach your editing work?

I like to hear where the author is in their writing journey and go from there. I want to know both strengths and weaknesses and how I can work WITH them to create the best version of the book we can. I’m a note-taker, so I ask a lot of questions and try to be as thorough as possible.

What types of books do you enjoy working with?

I love seeing an author’s passion come through in their writing. If I know they’re working hard to improve their craft, I’m eager to jump on board and do my part. 

What are the most common mistakes you see in new writer's ​work?

With new authors, I see a lot of stilted dialogue and cardboard characters. Another would be stories that don’t quite start in the right place, characters/scenes that don’t serve a purpose, or abandoned plot points.

What’s the one thing most novelists don’t understand about the art of revision?

It’s not a one-and-done process. I think a lot of writers expect to work with an editor, make a few changes, and they should sign with an agent right away. The thing about it is that revision is an ongoing process. You continue to edit until you sign with an agent. Then, you get edits FROM your agent. (And there’s even more to do after you get a publishing contract!)  

What’s one easy thing every writer can do right now to make themselves a better writer?

READ! I’m also a big fan of listening to audiobooks. It makes a difference when you can hear a story rather than just read it on a page. Also, read for other writers. Find multiple critique partners and/or get involved with a writing group!!!  

What is the most important consideration in selecting a book editor?

Definitely make sure you mesh well. If you have a great connection, you’ll be open to learning so much more from the pairing! You’re also going to want to see what the editor’s strengths are. If you’re struggling the most with plot structure, you won’t want someone who only specializes in line editing and so on. 

Why would a writer need a book editor?

Editors are great for providing fresh, professional eyes on a project that just needs that extra oomph. When you’re so close to your work, it’s hard to see where you’re falling into patterns or spot weaknesses in the story. Working with an editor can be a great learning experience that will help with your overall writing career, not just a single manuscript. 

What do you do for fun that does not deal with the literary scene?

I am borderline obsessed with Dancing with the Stars. I also love binge-watching comedies (currently The Office) on Netflix, taking long walks, drinking specialty coffees, and pinning things on Pinterest that I will most likely never do in real life. 

Seriously, we need to know your favorite meal and why?

Where to begin? Currently, I love the shahi paneer and naan from the Indian restaurant around the corner from me. I’d never had it until we moved to the city, and now they know me so well up there that they think something has happened to me if I don’t order every week. I also just discovered this pizza called the Pittsburgh. It has ranch dressing, shredded steak, and French fries. It’s obviously super good for me… 

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