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Nicole Frail-Magda

Nicole is an editor at Skyhorse Publishing, a New York City–based independent publishing company with more than ten imprints that has grown incredibly over the past decade. She works with both fiction and nonfiction—specifically cooking, lifestyle, and young adult.

In addition to editing full time for Skyhorse, she offers freelance editorial services and speaks about traditional publishing and careers in publishing at colleges and conferences. If Nicole is not reading, writing, editing, or talking about books, it's probably because she's eating. (Although she frequently multitask.) There's a special place in her heart for coffee, cookbooks, and quality time spent in kitchens. Though she doesn't often cook, she enjoys being part of the process, whether that means making a roux, icing a cupcake, licking the spoon (or egg beater), reading the instructions from the book aloud, or simply sitting on a nearby stool and talking at you while you do the cooking. You can buy her adoration with coffee, popcorn, and/or ice cream.

Before moving to New York in 2012, Nicole was a content developer/editor at an educational book production company in Pennsylvania. In the past, she's solved word puzzles, folded tiny baby clothes, supervised book sellers, and checked groceries for money. She graduated from Wilkes University with a bachelor's degree in communications/journalism. (A review she wrote of a Nicholas Sparks book was on the Google Search front page for the entirety of her college newspaper career. Win.)

Nicole lives in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, with her husband, Matt, a trained chef who helps keep her grounded and well-fed. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY What kind of entries are you looking for in your Pitch to Publication query box?

I would love to see fiction with diverse characters dealing with real-world, relatable issues in new ways or with a twist. Young adult contemporary, fantasy, horror, magical realism; adult contemporary, mystery, or thriller; and I also really love nonfiction (memoir, humor).

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