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    Seventeen-year-old Time Traveler, Jaden Roberts, isn’t one to break The Society’s rules. But when her best friend dares her to travel back 300 years, just before the apocalypt…
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    Dear Pitch2Pub Agents, I am pleased to have this opportunity to submit NATASHA’S WAR. This YA historical fiction transports you to World War II Russia and in a way never befo…
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    In THE CERITH FLOWER, a misfit’s suicidal quest to save a friend from deadly hunters drives her to question old familiar bonds and trust new dangerous ones—all while coming fa…
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    Dear Agents, Thank you for participating in Pitch to Publication 2016. Princess Themis of the Skyborn was destined to be queen of a cloud nation built by scientists, artists…
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    Dear Agent, ONE THOUSAND STARS THAT BIND is a gender-bent YA alt-history retelling of ALADDIN, set in communist, steampunk'd Romania during an era where the country's leaders…
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    Dear Agent: GOODBYE ODESSA is a work of upmarket fiction, complete at 76,000 words.  A stranger’s message gives Katherine hope that her husband is alive in Vietnam, despite…
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    I’m seeking representation for THE WATER CHILD, a 65,000-word YA contemporary set in Japan during the 2011 tsunami. Most promises don’t last a lifetime, but for hometown girl…
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    Dear Agent, After three years in foster care, seventeen-year-old Deanna Mason’s decided she’s had enough turmoil and loss. Her only focus is turning eighteen, “graduating” th…
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    Dear Agent, OUR SECRET SELVES is the story of Via, a seventeen-year old girl whose struggle with trichotillomania, hair-pulling disorder, turns out to be the least confusing…
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    Seventeen-year-old Alana Steward has a keen artist’s eye that helps her catch details many people miss—like the bejeweled pirate’s dagger nestled deep beneath the hay after sh…

A.M. Hargrove Author Interview

A.M. Hargrove

Anne's books include Kissing Fire, Edge of Disaster, Shattered Edge, the series the Guardians of Vesturon (Survival, Resurrection, Determinant, Beginnings and reEmergent) and Dark Waltz.

Her latest, TRAGICALLY FLAWED, will be out September 24th, 2013.

A.M. Hargrove, or Anne, can make your temperature rise in a matter of seconds. Her erotic scenes and thick plots are delicious. She’s clever, funny, and even goes as far as physically testing her scenes to make sure they work…intrigued? Well, read on!

Betsy Cornwell Author Interview

Betsy Cornwell 

Author of: TIDES

Released: June 4th, 2013



Release date: 2015

Betsy Cornwell has a lot to offer readers and writers alike. For the readers her words run smooth and the characters are fun to follow through her amazing stories. For writers she has professional tips that are liquid gold.

Mindee Arnett Author Interview

Mindee Arnett 


Released: March 5th, 2013


Author of: AVALON

Release date: January 21st, 2014

Mindee Arnett is like the best friend you kept all through school. She is easy to talk with and a real cheerleader for all authors. She knows the hardships that can come with writing, but insists it’s worth it.

Julia Mary Gibson Author Interview

Julia Mary Gibson


Release date: 2014

While chatting with Julia Mary Gibson I instantly felt I was speaking with an old soul. She’s deep and thought-provoking as is her debut novel, THE COPPER HAND, in which twelve-year-old Violet Blake unearths an ancient talisman, a hand fashioned from copper. The copper hand makes its power known. Surely it can make things right for Violet and restore her fractured family. But the copper hand’s abilities are beyond Violet’s understanding – maybe even anyone’s.

Cat Winters Author Interview

Cat Winters


Released: April 2nd, 2013



Release date: Fall 2014

I have to admit IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS is my cup of tea, or coffee in my case. I’m all for ghostly paranormals and this hits the spot with the slightly romantic and tragic times of 1918 America.