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    Seventeen-year-old Time Traveler, Jaden Roberts, isn’t one to break The Society’s rules. But when her best friend dares her to travel back 300 years, just before the apocalypt…
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    Dear Pitch2Pub Agents, I am pleased to have this opportunity to submit NATASHA’S WAR. This YA historical fiction transports you to World War II Russia and in a way never befo…
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    In THE CERITH FLOWER, a misfit’s suicidal quest to save a friend from deadly hunters drives her to question old familiar bonds and trust new dangerous ones—all while coming fa…
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    Dear Agents, Thank you for participating in Pitch to Publication 2016. Princess Themis of the Skyborn was destined to be queen of a cloud nation built by scientists, artists…
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    Dear Agent, ONE THOUSAND STARS THAT BIND is a gender-bent YA alt-history retelling of ALADDIN, set in communist, steampunk'd Romania during an era where the country's leaders…
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    Dear Agent: GOODBYE ODESSA is a work of upmarket fiction, complete at 76,000 words.  A stranger’s message gives Katherine hope that her husband is alive in Vietnam, despite…
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    I’m seeking representation for THE WATER CHILD, a 65,000-word YA contemporary set in Japan during the 2011 tsunami. Most promises don’t last a lifetime, but for hometown girl…
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    Dear Agent, After three years in foster care, seventeen-year-old Deanna Mason’s decided she’s had enough turmoil and loss. Her only focus is turning eighteen, “graduating” th…
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    Dear Agent, OUR SECRET SELVES is the story of Via, a seventeen-year old girl whose struggle with trichotillomania, hair-pulling disorder, turns out to be the least confusing…
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    Seventeen-year-old Alana Steward has a keen artist’s eye that helps her catch details many people miss—like the bejeweled pirate’s dagger nestled deep beneath the hay after sh…


Over the past three decades alone, more than four thousand First Nations, Métis, and Inuit 

women have disappeared or been murdered in Canada. THE INTERSECTION[S], 

complete at 93,000 words, is adult literary fiction exploring the crisscrossing lives of four 

Indigenous women during this ongoing human rights crisis. 

Rose’s afternoon jog in a public park ends in hospitalization when the neon feathers she 

wears in her hair are ripped out as she’s dragged down an escarpment and assaulted. Once 


In eighteen hours, there will be a shooting at Riverlake High School of the Arts. Told 

through the eyes of eight teens at Bailey Stone's birthday party the night before, each tells his or 

her side of the story. Everyone has their own unique reasons for attending, reasons that will lead 

right into tomorrow's disaster. 

For Tai, a teen who was paralyzed in a recent car accident, it’s the chance to prove to 

everyone that he’s okay. Shayna survived too and wants to forget, about the accident and her 


The only way for Sophie and Charlie to get what they want is to pretend that they’re a serious 

couple, but will the world believe that a rock star is truly in love with a woman in a wheelchair?

Sophie Alexander is madly in love with her friend, Jack. But just when she thinks Jack will 

confess he loves her back, she finds out that he’s marrying another woman. Convinced he’s the 

only man who can see past her wheelchair, Sophie is determined to change Jack’s mind about his 

engagement and win his heart. The only problem is she doesn’t know how.


As if being murdered isn’t enough, things get even shittier when 17-year-old Aya Nakata-

Barnes’ soul is stuffed in a jar.

Her pimply teenaged captor snorts powdered unicorn bone and wants to turn himself into 

an 'unnatural' like the sorceress who assassinated the President a decade ago. He thinks he 

can do this by sacrificing Aya in some spell he got off the Internet. Which fails. Because 

really, who trusts spells they get off the Internet?

Her captor might be done with her, but Aya’s not about to let this creep live his life like 


THE EXQUISITENESS OF SEEING is upmarket women's fiction dusted with magical 

realism. It is told from the perspectives of Willa at three different ages as Little Girl, Middle 

Willa and Silver Willa. Sometimes in running from trauma we leave ourselves behind. The 

novel is complete at 88,000 words and is available at your request.

Little Girl, even with her whale-sized imagination, cannot figure out how to keep her family 

together or if they should be together. When a box arrives with instructions on how to plant 


Mix Stephanie Plum with Harry Dresden with a Southern twist, and you have Hazel 

Matthews. MAGIC CITY is a completed 85,000 word urban fantasy that is similar in genre and 

tone to Darynda Jones’s Charlie Davidson series and Suzanne Johnson’s Sentinels of New 

Orleans series. It is the first book in what I would hope would become a series. 

Living in the buckle of the Bible Belt poses challenges for closeted witch Hazel 

Matthews, (although she prefers to be called an "elemental engineer" or "skilled in chance 


Three years after marrying her high school sweetheart, twenty-five-year-old Alison Baddely is 

already beginning to believe the marketing claims that brownie batter, mascara, and control-top 

hosiery really are “better than sex.”

After an eye-opening foray into the Las Vegas nightclub scene with her friends—a coterie of 

single women who overindulge in champagne and wear shirts that say “I’m actually really 

smart”—Alison suffers a quarter-life crisis. Upon the realization that she's conflated happiness 


Isaac Konigsberg, a bipolar Brooklyn native, is just learning to navigate reality on his own when 

he falls in love with his co-worker Beth and discovers that their boss is actually an exiled alien 

shaman; suddenly they are thrust into a madcap expedition through space where they must save 

an intergalactic empire in THE UNKNOWN CORPORATION, an 80,000-word sci-fi comedy. It 

is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets The Magicians, a coming of age tale, a romance, 


When Rena, a senator’s daughter, chooses the cemetery for her photo shoot, the last thing 

she expects to capture is a congressman killing one of his own. What develops next is deadly as 

politicians and the National Security Agency tango for control of the White House in FRAME 

OF MIND, an adult multiple point-of-view thriller, complete at 84,000 words.

Abducted and terrorized by a NSA operative wanting the damning photographs, Rena 

escapes and races after her friend who’s left town with the film that could save them both. With 


With a plot closely related to The Help and the smart, modern appeal of The Interestings, THE 

MANICURIST, a work of upmarket women’s fiction complete at 90,000 words, shows what 

happens when the lives of two women from very different worlds become intertwined and they 

empower one another to become the heroines of their own stories. 

When Norah leaves her engagement ring at the nail salon after a manicure, Sarita chases her to 

give her back her ring and ends up saving Norah’s life, though Sarita gets injured in the process