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    Seventeen-year-old Time Traveler, Jaden Roberts, isn’t one to break The Society’s rules. But when her best friend dares her to travel back 300 years, just before the apocalypt…
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    Dear Pitch2Pub Agents, I am pleased to have this opportunity to submit NATASHA’S WAR. This YA historical fiction transports you to World War II Russia and in a way never befo…
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    In THE CERITH FLOWER, a misfit’s suicidal quest to save a friend from deadly hunters drives her to question old familiar bonds and trust new dangerous ones—all while coming fa…
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    Dear Agents, Thank you for participating in Pitch to Publication 2016. Princess Themis of the Skyborn was destined to be queen of a cloud nation built by scientists, artists…
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    Dear Agent, ONE THOUSAND STARS THAT BIND is a gender-bent YA alt-history retelling of ALADDIN, set in communist, steampunk'd Romania during an era where the country's leaders…
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    Dear Agent: GOODBYE ODESSA is a work of upmarket fiction, complete at 76,000 words.  A stranger’s message gives Katherine hope that her husband is alive in Vietnam, despite…
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    I’m seeking representation for THE WATER CHILD, a 65,000-word YA contemporary set in Japan during the 2011 tsunami. Most promises don’t last a lifetime, but for hometown girl…
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    Dear Agent, After three years in foster care, seventeen-year-old Deanna Mason’s decided she’s had enough turmoil and loss. Her only focus is turning eighteen, “graduating” th…
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    Dear Agent, OUR SECRET SELVES is the story of Via, a seventeen-year old girl whose struggle with trichotillomania, hair-pulling disorder, turns out to be the least confusing…
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    Seventeen-year-old Alana Steward has a keen artist’s eye that helps her catch details many people miss—like the bejeweled pirate’s dagger nestled deep beneath the hay after sh…


THE CROW QUEEN is a YA Fantasy novel complete at 89,000 words that explores depression and will appeal to fans of the magic and strong female friendship in Susan Dennard’s TRUTHWITCH. 

Seventeen-year-old Princess Ana Cerralté’s dreams of becoming a Crow rider were shattered when the Illucian Empire attacked her kingdom, destroying the riders’ massive Crows and killing Ana’s mother.


I'm seeking representation for my YA fantasy series, LIONCLAD. Given your interest in fantasy and folklore, I thought it might be a good fit for your list.

Corey Roote is an idiot. The ugly lion earring he put on for laughs won't come off. It turns into a helmet that gives him amazing strength, speed and perception, so it could be worse...


Dear Pitch to Publication Agent,

A hot air balloon crash broke twelve-year-old Oakley “Oak” Hathaway in body and spirit. The doctors told him about the traumatic brain injury, but they overlooked his shattered heart and torn soul.   

It isn’t until he meets Bleue, a girl with teal hair and a penchant for dragging Oak around by the hand, that he discovers his brokenness isn’t metaphorical: The accident truly splintered his sacred pieces—heart, mind, and soul. But Bleue knows how Oak can find them and put himself back together.


Dear Agent:

A princess controlled by an evil shadow and the thief she sentenced to death become unlikely allies when they try to uncover the secrets of their kingdom. CURSED STARS is a young adult fantasy novel, complete at 100,000 words.


Dear Agent, 

When a heroin addict gains the power to warp reality, she has to overcome her addiction before she can fight for the people she loves. WHAT YOU DO is a 100,000 word adult contemporary fantasy that will appeal to readers of adult urban fantasies like Lev Grossman’s THE MAGICIANS or V.E. Schwab’s VICIOUS.

The Order of the Key

To Whom It May Concern:

Sometimes the toughest enemies to defeat are those that fight by your side.

The Order of the Key is a work of edgy Young Adult Urban Fantasy complete at 98,000 words. The novel contains a unique power system which faces off with a world working parallel to ours. Though the book can stand alone, I have plans for a potential six book series. While The Order of the Key can be classified as YA, it has been written for an audience of YA readers who have grown up; it has crossover appeal.


Heaven is a dive bar for seventeen-year-old Mary. She keeps herself cocooned in the darkness and numbed by the alcohol she thinks she deserves, as penance for a life lost carelessly. The only comfort she allows herself are the pictures on the walls. They’re all copies of images her beloved seven-year-old sister, Anjuli, drew.

October #P2P16 Agent Round

The October #p2p16 editor/writer teams have worked tirelessly to polish these beauties up. Below you will find 19 phenominal titles to peruse. 

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