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    Hi to all #P2P16 hopefuls We will get to know our Pitch to Publication editors better by asking questions that get to the root of who these individuals are :) This will be an…
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    Hi to all #P2P16 hopefuls We will get to know our Pitch to Publication editors better by asking questions that get to the root of who these individuals are :) This will be an…


Isla wants nothing more than to spend her days sneaking off with her secret love, 

obsessing over tribal folklore, and hunting for the mysterious Injini, magical protectors of 

legend. But when Elan, the newly appointed leader of their kingdom, visits Isla’s tribe in 

hopes of brokering a political alliance through marriage, he throws off everyone’s plans 

by choosing Isla instead of her older sister.

When Isla leaves her tribe, she discovers that the magical Veil that has kept their 


Parallel Universes. For quantum physicists, it’s a theory. For Melanie, it’s a problem. She keeps 

waking up in one of her other lives.

In her familiar world, she’s Melanie Wagner—a wife, mother, and marketing executive for a 

pharmaceutical company on the brink of disaster. If she can’t dispel the accusations that their 

new anti-depressant is unsafe, her meteoric rise up the Big Pharma ladder is over.

In the other world, she’s Melanie Dyer, a penniless private investigator working with her lefty 


When the noose chokes James Cahill, he is glad to be dead. Enemy
soldiers capture him after the battle of Chaplin Hills, Kentucky, and
hang him naked from a tree. It’s a fitting end after he enlists in the
Civil War against his parents’ wishes, skewers his best friend with a
rifle ramrod, and runs from the rebels like a pitiful coward.

Shamed and broken, James wants to die — until Evangelin, a Sister from
a nearby Shaker village, cuts him from the hanging tree and revives
him.As he recuperates among the Shakers, James seeks out Evangelin


Sixteen-year-old Kiora is comfortable climbing to the top of a windmill with a wrench in her hand and the wind dancing around her―until the Wind Beast disappears from the sky and the wind stops.


Over the past three decades alone, more than four thousand First Nations, Métis, and Inuit 

women have disappeared or been murdered in Canada. THE INTERSECTION[S], 

complete at 93,000 words, is adult literary fiction exploring the crisscrossing lives of four 

Indigenous women during this ongoing human rights crisis. 

Rose’s afternoon jog in a public park ends in hospitalization when the neon feathers she 

wears in her hair are ripped out as she’s dragged down an escarpment and assaulted. Once 


In eighteen hours, there will be a shooting at Riverlake High School of the Arts. Told 

through the eyes of eight teens at Bailey Stone's birthday party the night before, each tells his or 

her side of the story. Everyone has their own unique reasons for attending, reasons that will lead 

right into tomorrow's disaster. 

For Tai, a teen who was paralyzed in a recent car accident, it’s the chance to prove to 

everyone that he’s okay. Shayna survived too and wants to forget, about the accident and her 


The only way for Sophie and Charlie to get what they want is to pretend that they’re a serious 

couple, but will the world believe that a rock star is truly in love with a woman in a wheelchair?

Sophie Alexander is madly in love with her friend, Jack. But just when she thinks Jack will 

confess he loves her back, she finds out that he’s marrying another woman. Convinced he’s the 

only man who can see past her wheelchair, Sophie is determined to change Jack’s mind about his 

engagement and win his heart. The only problem is she doesn’t know how.


As if being murdered isn’t enough, things get even shittier when 17-year-old Aya Nakata-

Barnes’ soul is stuffed in a jar.

Her pimply teenaged captor snorts powdered unicorn bone and wants to turn himself into 

an 'unnatural' like the sorceress who assassinated the President a decade ago. He thinks he 

can do this by sacrificing Aya in some spell he got off the Internet. Which fails. Because 

really, who trusts spells they get off the Internet?

Her captor might be done with her, but Aya’s not about to let this creep live his life like